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Here you will find multiple rooms for all of your oekaki and drawing needs, based on OekakiBBS, PaintBBS and Oekaki Poteto. The oekaki boards are divided by quality of art and theme (such as realism, furries, etc.), there's even an oekaki board called the Dojo where you can host and participate in contests!

You may want to try draw in real-time with your friends in one of our PaintChats boards or work with a specific artist in one of the collaboration rooms. Upon joining, you will also have the ability to enter the chatroom, usually teeming with life 24 hours a day. Most boards are for all ages, though we do have a few rooms reserved for adults over 18. Please be sure to visit the ads of our sponsors, if you see something of interest. These ads will help pay for the entire site. However, before drawing be sure to read the FAQ!

Please note that all images are the property of OekakiCentral and their respective artists. Images drawn here may not be reproduced without the written consent of the original artist.


KODAMA no nikki: Sedin Saga

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Jason Terlecki

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The Scratching Post

A CatGirl exclusive room. A place to find beautiful Neko-Chans. Nudity allowed. NO HENTAI.

Skill Level: and up

The Tennis Court

A Collaboration Exclusive room. A HIGHEND collaboration room, with special oekaki code done by Uriel himself to allow 2 persons to work on the same piece.

This is for advanced users only.

Skill Level: and up