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The Scratching Post -

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[ 348 ] Artist: TrayPat | [ homepage ] | Title: Penelope Lullabelle Patrick | Time: 78 min

Shi Painter

TrayPat @ 2012-08-27 16:28:58
This is my cat if she were humanoid... ><

Bane @ 2012-09-29 18:10:11     
I like your cat as a human. I might capture her :) I like the anatomy you put in here. Elbow doesn't go past the rib cage, shoulder blade is in the right spot. Nice work.

kangaroofantasy @ 2013-11-21 22:33:42     
Wow, her hair is so beautiful, I just want to lather it up in shampoo.

[ 252 ] Artist: Shoyru | Title: Helena & Salome | Time: 4553 min


Shoyru @ 2008-07-20 16:14:08
Miss toxic sea of the year would be either of these two. Original characters.

Kind of... testing out my wings in 3*.

(Edited on July 29, 2008, 6:58 am)

GeminiRyoko @ 2008-08-05 10:29:18     
This is beautiful. The sky in the background...the colors... They're just breathtaking.. I really like their outfits and the expressions on their face. You're coloring style is lovely. Nice work!

AF-Chan @ 2008-08-06 13:09:17     
Wow... Just looking at those dreds makes my hands hurt... XD Really nice, though the one on the left kinda scares me.

Mustang4life @ 2008-08-15 11:22:43     
Love the one on the left, the facial expression is classic. How many piercings can one have on their tongue?

Death is Immortality @ 2008-09-05 18:28:24     
Wow. This is just amazing! Seriously.

Oddity @ 2008-09-13 11:21:47     
lol by the way the picture is drawn and by the obvious stunning punks the drawing is of

Acegirl @ 2008-12-02 19:39:57     
I too like the acial expressions of the one on the left... but the corlos of clothing on the one on the left.

Doom @ 2009-02-10 20:00:19     
I love how the one on the right (my favorite) Looks so stern and serious, while you just see a peek of her underwear with a *gasp* heart on it. Soo sooo secretive. And her eyes are wicked googly cool man.

frugale @ 2009-05-05 22:07:11     
I thought the one on the left was a Sphinx, but her tail seems hairy... This is the most original catgirl drawing I've ever seen! Kudos!

OekakiBuster @ 2009-05-05 22:35:45     
Excellent, love the expression and idea.

Leirdasim @ 2009-08-17 22:21:30     
love it, nice work

rehabfacility @ 2010-05-31 22:56:33     
This is amazing. I'm not much of an artist but I can tell what's what. And this is it. Dang, dude.

Luh_Cah_123 @ 2010-08-14 14:06:27     
oh my GOSH that's AMAZING!

Oliver @ 2010-08-21 09:11:50     
great job but also somehow really creepy
The background dosnt seem to be that detailed, but who needs that when the characters are so eyecatching :)

Bane @ 2012-09-29 18:16:04     
Haha I don't know what to say about that tongue. I like it though! I'd like to see (personally) the location of the light source. But the colors are good and I like the use of Orange and Blue. Green and Red. Complimentary colors are fun!

[ 244 ] Artist: Anne Boleyn | [ homepage ] | Title: No Title | Time: 379 min

Shi Painter

Anne Boleyn @ 2008-07-18 17:14:17

Anne Boleyn @ 2008-07-19 02:07:49     
My hand huuuurts! It's been so long, over a year, since I even touched a tablet. HOpe it's up to par. I'll probably do some touch ups here and there, but this is overall the finished product. Cat girl hunting vamps...yeah.

weisen1 @ 2008-07-19 14:59:21     
Haven't seen anything from you in such a long time.
Your style is still so very fun and organic; the linework is really amazing, the shading looks a bit light though, can't really see it on the skin.

tiamat4eva @ 2008-07-20 00:35:20     
omg it's been ages and i love your stuff, i'm so happy to see this, u've changed so much, but ur style is still unique to yourself and i love all the sensitive plotted out details you've included

GeminiRyoko @ 2008-08-05 10:30:32     
looks like something you would see in a comic book. I love her hair. Her clothes are yummy.

Lallijandra @ 2008-08-06 18:50:56     
I like the lips.

inglys @ 2008-09-04 12:54:05     
Wow!This is great!

fluffie @ 2008-10-13 17:32:55     
THis is really neat!
It's so colorful!
I love the hair.

Sagatarius677 @ 2009-01-03 03:42:42     
wow~~ thats really good~!~!

CANDiE @ 2009-02-07 06:46:19     

wincly @ 2009-03-05 12:00:51     
I like how fierce her expression is.

Terra @ 2009-06-07 08:17:08     
Wow : oo Awesome!!

moo princess @ 2009-08-16 15:12:40     
I really like this picture! Awesome concept. Love the action lines.

Luh_Cah_123 @ 2010-06-24 08:54:42     
AMAZING!! *-* perfect lines and coloring, I LOVE IT!!

Bane @ 2012-09-29 18:17:09     
Dynamic stab! Fun line work here. The lines are my favorite.

brandymarie @ 2013-12-14 13:05:55     
I love the detail in this, it's very clean and appealing.

[ 235 ] Artist: pipi | [ homepage ] | Title: 600 | Time: 590 min


pipi @ 2008-06-11 15:44:53
Phew... I didn't expect that it would take this long... but I have to finish it today!!! It's my 6th year at Oekaki Central (well, at least the registration date says so... ^_^;;;) I'm so happy I could finish it on time!!!(actually it's 4:00am 12 June my time already...) I love OC!!! Thank you again for the amazing oekaki site, Jason!!!

20 months since my last post in 3* room... Hope it still up to par... (^_^);;;

Edit: Thank you eri-yisu, shugo381, tiamat4eva and ShiningGolden for the sweet comments!!! <3

eri : Happy anniversary to you too! I'd just found out we both registed on the same date!!!

shugo381 : You are absolutely right about the hand/fingers thing. There was a chiffon underskirt in the sketch and it should covered the hand very well... and it should be added after coloring the background... apparently I had forgot about it... hehehe... my bad ^_^;;;

(Edited on June 12, 2008, 4:55 am)

Edit: Chhiffon at the hemline didn't work becoz of the light background... added a hand bouquet to cover up... hohoho (^_^);;;

(Edited on June 12, 2008, 5:51 am)

eri-yisu @ 2008-06-11 18:02:35     
Happy 6th year at OC! I don't think 20 months will stop the lovely and awesome pipi art from being so ;)
The picture is so dreamy and soft! The catgirl is absolutely adorable and I wish I can draw flowers like that o_o

Edit: Oh goodness, really? me too? 6 years? That's crazy!

(Edited on June 12, 2008, 10:37 pm)

shugo381 @ 2008-06-11 19:59:33     
really awesome!
I love the roses and her facial expressions.
And, coming from a less-experienced critic, the only thing I have to say that seems off is in the full body pic. The arms are a perfect length, but seeing as how it appears that her hand is just starting when the hem of the dress covers it up, I would think some fingers would still be seen after the dress, since the skirtpiece of the dress is short, and hands are generally almost the size of the head.

But it's only a small detail, I really love the colors though. Nice soft tones with an air of gentle-ness. (no, it's not a work) Though the yellow flowers (daisies? Goldenrod?) center seem to stand out a bit from the rest of the picture.

tiamat4eva @ 2008-06-11 20:50:54     
happy anniversary!!!!!

ShiningGolden @ 2008-06-11 22:15:11     
Congratulations on six years and 600 pictures - that's quite an accomplishment :) Beautiful catgirl, and I still can't get over your gorgeous soft style. I hope you'll be drawing catgirls for us for another 6!

SaiWataki @ 2008-06-12 18:21:28     
I absolutly love your coloring style
I wish I could figure out how to color like that, Maybe eventually

K.N. @ 2008-06-16 09:51:05     
Welcome back to SP! And happy anniversary!
She is cute as always~ I really like all the flowers ^^

Lucrecia @ 2008-06-16 20:44:08     
Aww! Pipi! this is just wonderful. The flowers are gorgeously done. The catgirl is fantastic. The colors are dreamy. You are incredible!

littlekleine @ 2008-06-20 08:54:25     
It's nice to see your beautiful artwork pipi. A nice treat for me after not being here for a few years.

The roses and flowers are just loveley.
Your catgirls are always so adorable with their furry ears and big, beautiful eyes.

Happy belated anniversary =D

Tobi @ 2008-06-22 02:03:00     
6 years..., wow. (, too!, wow.)

Such a lovely catgirl.
Beautiful hair color, complexion, dress, and flowers, as always!

starmist @ 2008-06-24 16:18:53     
Happy 6 years - hopefully many more to come! It's always been a delight to see your beautiful drawings =) I lovvvve the flowers in this one! =)

kuraigatsu @ 2008-06-26 12:57:02     
this is so beautiful!You really have talent!

SuperGrouper @ 2008-07-06 23:19:34     
She's so precious! She kind of reminds me of Chii from Chobits, but I like her better than Chobits Chii- her design looks sweeter.

Aquacherry7 @ 2008-11-15 10:45:42     
Awww! I love this picture it's so cute! And the coloring is beautiful!

Sagatarius677 @ 2009-01-03 03:43:11     
kyaa~! so kawaii~!

AckItsHer @ 2009-03-12 19:02:59     
I adore the colors you used *__* It really creates this mellow, happy feeling. Perfectly goes with the happy, mellow looking girl :D

OekakiBuster @ 2009-05-05 22:35:20     
Incredible, beautiful work. Happy anniversary!

Yaoumei @ 2009-05-15 15:11:30     
She looks adorable.

14iv19 @ 2009-10-04 21:19:57     
Oooh! So nice!! :D

italiadolce90 @ 2010-04-06 21:36:26     
I absolutely adore your style. Truly talented!

Luh_Cah_123 @ 2010-08-14 23:32:09     
Lovely tones and colors! ^^

foxfaces @ 2012-07-13 14:44:20     
So soft and pretty! Very nice. What a cutie!

Bane @ 2012-09-29 18:13:22     
Flowers bring out the delicacy of the cat child. I like the detail you put into the foreground, brings out that "Memories of a wedding" type feel.

Horsse @ 2013-01-31 20:22:17     
This is very lovely. :]

lilmew @ 2013-04-29 22:08:35     
So soft and sweet. Nice color palette!

[ 221 ] Artist: ShiningGolden | Title: Red Beads | Time: 646 min


(Archived by LaurieSuncat)
ShiningGolden @ 2008-04-21 21:29:27
Unfinished, but my time to work on this has run out for the evening. Tune in tomorrow, same cat time, same cat channel.

ShiningGolden @ 2008-04-24 16:07:37     
Finished! I wanted to draw a kitty girl, so I thought I'd try my luck in the SP.

The reference is found here.

Archive? Really? I'm honoured, thank you LaurieSuncat! =D

(Edited on May 6, 2008, 11:34 pm)

weisen1 @ 2008-04-24 16:39:14     
Very interesting.
I don't think I've quite seen a catgirl at this angle before.
I really like what you've done with the piece, the shading on the skin is wonderful.
There are some areas that seems very harsh compared to others though, the tail and hair especially, they're very jarring.

andreanna @ 2008-04-24 18:10:15     
Wow! Beautiful anatomy and shading. There's a wonderful realism about it. In particular I love the curve of her hand and the shadow of the beads at the top left shoulder. Wonderful and sexy.

canton @ 2008-04-26 02:14:53     
I'd tap jkjkjk...But wow *_* the shading, the anatomy, the shadows, the beads!!! You are amazing! I love the lighting, it's so dynamic and effective. Wonderful job =]

K.N. @ 2008-04-27 03:44:00     
The tail is too high for the tailbone, but otherwise I like it :)

Mockingbird @ 2008-05-09 14:21:22     
I actually like the placement of the tail, I think it's in just the right spot, otherwise it would prove troublesome anatomically. Okay, maybe I'm overanalyzing it...but it's aesthetic, too. The colors you chose set the mood perfectly, the attention to detail in the shadow is fabulous, the use of lighting to shape the heels, and I love the warm, natural glow of her skin. It's glorious.

taho @ 2008-05-10 02:19:25     
This is lovely! The shading is very deliberate, you were careful in making this. ^_^

Jackalpup @ 2008-06-08 14:45:02     
the beads and their shadow are so striking! and her hair. this is simply beautiful. her hand is amazing.

soma @ 2008-06-22 11:31:58     
wow, when i opened this i was captivated. the skin looks amazing, down to every little detail (the shadows cast by the necklace really makes it i think)

Noleggedchicken @ 2008-07-17 18:12:25     
Wow, this is a different cat girl than what I'm used to. The skin and shading is amazing. I love the shadow the beads make. I think the tail looks a little stiff and more like a cartoon than the rest but if that's what you were going for then it's awesome. Heck, even if it wasn't it's still awesome.

Apployo @ 2008-09-07 16:37:23     
very neat I love the realism to it.

Neger @ 2008-09-14 16:14:46     
gut picture!

Doom @ 2009-02-10 20:03:02     
... Wow ...

Love the... Uh... Drawing. There is nothing bad I have to say, and ablsolutely nothing that I don't like. Kudos to you. ;)

frugale @ 2009-05-05 22:08:24     
Very creative, and beautiful! The shoes are a nice detail.

Terra @ 2009-06-07 08:18:02     
The colours are so smooth, really beautiful : D

Mrazzier @ 2009-07-22 19:18:00 HOW?!?!?! That's AMAZING!!! I can't fault it. I ACTUALLY can't :'D xxx

Luh_Cah_123 @ 2009-11-05 13:23:45     
wow, thats really great! :O

Pepermintcandy @ 2010-03-01 17:29:30     
Very nice the shape is amazing the soft look to it as well!

Skeeter @ 2010-07-15 23:39:13     
great job your really good at this

taiyles @ 2010-08-04 16:33:21     
She's so pretty!

Bane @ 2012-09-29 18:19:00     
Your attention to the shadows and how they work with the flesh tone is my favorite here.

mruki @ 2013-06-24 12:51:54     
the skin here is just amazing - the lights and shadows on it are beyond perfect - and that pose*_*

awesome work!!!

[ 212 ] Artist: WhyMe-Chan | Title: Summertime | Time: 1147 min

Shi Painter

WhyMe-Chan @ 2008-03-07 12:59:46
Long time no see OC. :3

I think it's as done as the screwy applet is going to allow it to be haha.

(Edited on March 7, 2008, 4:13 pm)

Kajita @ 2008-03-07 17:44:54     
Cute. I love the colours. But where is her front below her waist? It seems like it wouldn't/couldn't be behind her sleeve, considering where the obi is.

WhyMe-Chan @ 2008-03-07 19:41:28     
oh god!!! How silly of me!!!! ::goes to fix::

Thanks!!! :3

(Edited on March 7, 2008, 8:20 pm)

weisen1 @ 2008-03-08 00:32:04     
It looks very pretty, and the feel is just so.. calming.
My only crit is that her eyes are uneven in size, the one near the front is awkwardly large compared to the back.

fukuhashi343 @ 2008-03-08 11:13:59     
Beautiful! The colors and clothes are so lovely.

fromkitties2cats @ 2008-03-11 21:22:37     
her hair is so swirly and pretty =D and the sunbrella ruuuuules

ShiningGolden @ 2008-03-12 22:32:53     
Lovely image! The background makes me think of wind rustling through the leaves. Her clothing is beautiful, I like the pattern on the cloth. And I love the way her hair flows and curls - the art nuveau look is quite classy.
I do have to agree with weisen about her face though, the eye closest to us seems awkward... if her face is almost in profile perhaps it could be closer to the other eye and set to a similar angle?

WhyMe-Chan @ 2008-03-13 19:18:07     
Thanks for the crits guys! I went back and tried my best to fix that eye! I didn't notice it until it was pointed out!

ShiningGolden @ 2008-03-15 14:21:53     
Oh yes, that looks much better. Excellent job on this picture!

TillieTheWorm @ 2008-03-15 23:21:39     
It's so pretty! I love the hair, it was done beautifully. *.*

MirrePirreParon @ 2008-03-24 06:44:19     
this is neat, the bg looks like aphotograph :D

xmidnightx @ 2008-04-10 15:45:52     
I really like the shading done on her kimono. It looks *really* nice.

practicepracticeT_T @ 2008-04-26 20:17:27     
The color scheme is nice but i cant help but feel like her jaw is a bit too triangular.

cass-chan @ 2008-05-22 23:12:04     
Oh, how pretty! Great job!

Malory @ 2008-05-29 12:14:33     

taiyles @ 2010-08-04 16:34:31     
I really like the pose, it's so dynamic. I also love her far hand and how delicately it's holding the umbrella.

Bane @ 2012-09-29 18:20:13     
Smooth color transitions and clean lines give this a super polished feel. The Heart patterns are really well done. I like.

[ 210 ] Artist: jiamiao | Title: Yukata kitty | Time: 396 min


jiamiao @ 2008-02-17 22:15:25
I found this ADORABLE yukata at my honey's ebay shop. so I had to draw it because it's way to cute >.<! maybe I will collect the yukata for myself. hmmm. check it out :3 it's the one with clover and lady beetles <333

[ edited by MH ]

jiamiao @ 2008-02-18 21:55:29     
To my surprise, drawing the folding of the yukata actually was quite fast, and I actually enjoyed it O-O;;;;. <3 it must be the power of OekakiBBS. It made everything easy. Reference used.

GeminiRyoko @ 2008-02-18 23:28:21     
This is totally amazing. I love how it looks realistic, yet when you look at it up close you can see the small textures. The kimono is beautiful, the lighting is lovely too. I really love your style.

maggierocket @ 2008-02-19 09:57:39     
I love the realistic feel. I love her hand, haha! And the flower, it's a nice touch.

weisen1 @ 2008-02-19 14:46:10     
Very nice, I thought it was a photo.
she's got an adorable face, and I would love a yukata like that~

Nikkic87 @ 2008-02-22 02:14:52     
Very cute picture! The folds are really well done. I have trouble with folds myself. ^_^;
I also like how bright the colors are. It makes a very cheerful picture.

kekasmai @ 2008-02-23 15:23:48     
Wow, this is really amazing. I love the hair and the clothing. Plus the colors are great.

MadHatter @ 2008-02-25 15:50:36     
This is NOT the right place to advertise your ebay shop! :(
Next time the image WILL be removed, so please think twice before to do it again.

jiamiao @ 2008-02-26 08:00:15     
sorry about that MH, thanks for letting the pic stay :3

Kala @ 2008-02-26 12:51:36     
Lighting is awesome! Texture is great as well. Awesome concept!

WhyMe-Chan @ 2008-03-06 21:30:24     
I love the pattern!

::wants to draw a kimono now::

sasuke-momo @ 2008-03-30 16:02:59     
This is so amazing, I love the colours to death.

KittenPies @ 2008-04-20 19:17:16     
Soo beautiful!

Bastet_eyez @ 2008-05-13 17:15:18     
I love how this is so realistic and yet so stylized at the same time. I also really like her pose. Its so cute. Her face and her kimono are so beautiful!

SaiWataki @ 2008-06-12 18:22:27     
Yep! Arnt Kimonos and yukatas the best!
Absolutly :3

Acegirl @ 2008-12-02 20:06:01     
From viewing the thumbnail, it looked like the art work of some famous anime artist. simply great.

frugale @ 2009-05-05 22:09:45     
Has a style that is both very realistic and not realistic at all! Pretty colours, it's a nice, soothing picture.

Terra @ 2009-06-07 08:19:18     
I love the kimono, and the hair is so realistic : D

A-mber-M-arie @ 2009-09-30 18:32:00     
awww! : ) thats adorable!

La Belle sans Merci @ 2010-03-19 11:25:36     
i love how realistic, yet otherworldly it turned out to be. It's absolutely gorgeous.

toastyjam @ 2010-11-07 10:32:56     
i love the lighting

Mandabear @ 2011-09-21 14:24:52     
lovely! That lolipop looks good o.o

mruki @ 2013-06-24 12:53:18     
wow the folds on that yukata are just stunning! the girl herself is as well

[ 165 ] Artist: GeminiRyoko | Title: Yummy Kittty Cake | Time: 729 min


GeminiRyoko @ 2007-09-09 21:42:40
I decided to give the SP another try with a different style... I was going for the little innocent kitten look. I used a reference picture. My butt hurts. Enjoy?

(Edited on September 11, 2007, 9:11 am)

(Edited on November 18, 2007, 10:21 pm)

weisen1 @ 2007-09-10 23:38:59     
She's adorable~
I'm definitely seeing some really realistic rendering here
I like pretty much all of the image, I'm crossing my fingers for this one too

AF-Chan @ 2007-09-11 18:41:39     
Oh, I like this, I hope it stays as well. X3
her hand and her nose, I just love those, and the whole thing looks very real.

AcidAlice @ 2007-09-15 01:46:55     
Agh <33
i loveee it so much,
its so realistic!
my favorite part is the cakeee o.o;

yesidiaz @ 2007-09-19 02:51:49     
hehe i like the cake too :D
such a fuzzy tail she looks really cute ^^

RedRose263 @ 2007-09-25 15:40:17     
I love it! The tail is amazing. You make me look gorgeous! :)

umbreot @ 2007-10-03 16:56:59     
I was nearly tricked into believe that was real for a minute!

spikeyou @ 2008-01-25 14:33:14     
It's really well done, from the thumbnail it looks VERY realistic. ^^

whitehorses @ 2008-04-06 10:26:31     
i like the scratchy/realistic look. Cute picture :)

[ 160 ] Artist: Mana | [ homepage ] | Title: nyao~<3 | Time: 486 min

Shi Painter

Mana @ 2007-07-28 01:40:59
Alright! There are a few more thing with this I'd like to touch up later > 3< but this is good enough for now.
She was supposed to be a random cat-girl...but...she ended up looking more like me than I'd like to admit D:
Shi painter is a scary applet ; A;

weisen1 @ 2007-07-28 02:35:54     
Mana as a kitty, that's interesting XD
I like her pose, and her fingers.. those are lovely
But of course true win belongs to the furry tail and bewbles.. both sets XD;;

LaurieSuncat @ 2007-07-29 10:43:31     
Mana is such a pretty kitty! This is wonderful seeing how your work has developed since you were here last. You must draw lots for us now!

sbslink @ 2007-07-29 15:23:46     
Wow I love the face in this picture.. It looks so dreamy

Katie @ 2007-07-31 19:36:38     
I luff how she is clawing at the bed >=0 hotplz

Patches @ 2007-08-10 14:23:53     
She's cute. :] I really like how you did her lips. They look pretty realistic and very nice. (*3*)
And the coloring is so lovely as well

animeroxmysox @ 2007-08-10 21:18:27     
Lol, "gheto bootay".
XD Nice job sneaking that in the animation

felicity @ 2007-08-11 19:29:19     
That's a really, really nice pose you've got her in. It works very well for a playful kitty-girl aspect. I really like the linework with the coloring, it makes everything so soft, but the line demands attention where there's rhythm in the body, and that makes it awesome.

MiraFirefly @ 2007-08-14 07:07:11     
The expression is tenacious and full and womanly, yet the whole thing is just so cute! Yum. :3

xredxpandax @ 2007-08-30 09:48:16     
How amazing! well done!

GeminiRyoko @ 2007-09-07 14:30:52     
You did such a wonderful job with this! Yes I agree Shi-Painter is like ... "What?" You pulled this off nicely though. I adore her expression. Her face is so pretty.

KatAngel @ 2007-09-14 14:54:14     
Nice! I like the really classical feel here. I have seen a lot of your art at Oekaki Central, and your skills in anatomy seem to have improved a lot. :) I really love the expressiveness of her face.

umbreot @ 2007-10-03 16:55:36     
Like what you did with the fingers.

lovelymickey @ 2007-10-26 05:18:48     
ahhh! so wonderful, everytime Mana!

spikeyou @ 2008-01-25 14:35:07     
The lighting in this is really neat. Is there a glass ceiling or something like that, or is she outside?

Kazmahu @ 2008-01-31 22:18:29     
Very nice... I'm certainly feeling the essence of this one. I love the way you've done the flesh tones!

turpentinechaser @ 2008-02-02 12:07:24     
I really love the colors and how it's borderline lineless. Very nice painterly feel.

WinryShanaMisa @ 2008-02-06 09:00:54     
desu kawaii! I hate to humble myself beecause I'm sure people get tired of other people saying "ZOMG i could never draw like that!" so i'll just say HOLY CRAP THAT'S AMAIZING! and btw I love the little bell around her neck!

Desirai @ 2008-02-13 22:59:10     
I heart your coloring style @_@ it's so pretty. Love her lips too.

[ 140 ] Artist: Goobachiman | Title: | Time: 30 min

Shi Painter

Goobachiman @ 2007-06-24 18:02:21

MadHatter @ 2007-06-24 18:02:33     

Rosesred @ 2007-06-24 19:08:55     
Love the colors in this. The almost blue and almost orange look great together. I also like the generally weird mood in this.

K.N. @ 2007-06-25 03:17:51     
Wooow, that's wicked cool! O_O
I love her hair and face, but the ear is a bit too weird for my taste, and I think it should be bit higher, like we people have.

Goobachiman @ 2007-06-25 08:46:33     
sorry for the Late comment. This idea came from a long series of stories in gossiping. That and I like cat girls

Halite @ 2007-06-25 11:17:03     
Now that's a cool pic! Different and creative! I like it! XD

Equinox @ 2007-06-25 14:32:21     
Very nice look all together, but I do agree about the ear, and also, the eye looks as though it is just a socket with no eyeball in. Love the Koi's fins.

tiamat4eva @ 2007-06-25 16:06:55     
the concepts here are so wonderful. The use of color and texture blends with emotion and it's sooooo sadjfhkjagebvrkhg godly.

Tsuta @ 2007-06-27 08:35:05     
I think this piece is awesome and that theres nothing wrong with it. Maybe some people only see the "green" part of the ear and that's why they think it's weird. Maybe just adding some light on the top of the blue part of the ear would fix that. About the eye, I can see perfectly that it's an eye. The reason it's dark is because it is dark underwater.

Anyway, about what "I" think about this picture =D I love the fish! It's so cute and it look all surprised XD. The girl's tongue is cute too. And the bubbles really add something the the pic. I love all this underwater atmosphere and dark/light, the painterly feel, the colors.... and your signature is cute! =D

weisen1 @ 2007-06-27 17:42:57     
This looks absolutely delicious
The bubbles in the back look so .. flat.. but I like it
And her ear is just so fuzzy and bat like... plus I just love the shading in general, especially the skin

andreanna @ 2007-06-27 18:23:51     
oh wow. This is really gorgeous. I love the richness of your colors and the contrast between the red and the blue. And oh! The texture and the movement! Truly, very pretty :D

Andariel @ 2007-06-28 13:42:28     
The fact that almost everything is in the same median tonal value really flattens it out.

Tsuta @ 2007-06-30 09:38:30     
I disagree. The colors effectively translate the underwater feel. Not every pics can have too-dark-and-dramatic-shading and Super-Shiny!!!-lighting. And I do see depth in this picture. I imagine the lighter part of the bg is the light coming through the water. You do know that light cannot go throught water unchanged and undiminished...right? o.O

Andariel @ 2007-07-01 16:04:05     
Okay, I'll bite.

Next time you're at a beach with goggles, head out into water that is above your head. Bring some objects with you to illustrate the point (shiny, matte, etc.)

Submerged under water, things have a reflection not only of the lighting inherent at its depth, but as a reflection of the surface of the water above it. Light dapples surfaces with the movement of waves. It becomes deeper in the shadows in accordance to the objects surrounding it. It will NOT look like this.

And even if this lighting scheme is ndicative of the time and place, an artist usually takes a little poetic license in making a picture as effective as possible in every way. If that means bending the light situation slightly to make it more dynamic, then so be it.

Tsuta @ 2007-07-01 21:39:47     
Well, obviously I'm not an expert in how light act under water. All I was saying is the colors of this pic really make it *feels* like an deep underwater pic.

I just see nothing "flat" about this pic and I couldn't understand how someone could just say that and nothing else, nothing positive about a picture that's obviously pretty good, even though it has flaws like any picture (Nothing glaringly obvious to me, but obviously nothing is perfect). And I wasn't trying to "bait" you. I was just disagreeing, that's all.

Edit: *roll eyes at the bitter reply*

(Edited on July 2, 2007, 2:12 pm)

Andariel @ 2007-07-02 12:32:43     
Unlike the standard applied here, I didn't think the prefunctory ''OMFG KAWAII'' comment was really needed. So I left it out.

pipi @ 2007-07-03 06:51:30     
I like the matte look and the brush strokes effect! This is really cool! ^_^

Iyo chan @ 2007-07-05 08:48:26     
Seems to me that it's the darker kinda water...not 'murky' but maybe a deeper water that light doesn't penetrate to that well. In any case-it doesn't matter. This is a beautiful piece of work. It makes you stop and look at every little detail, brushstroke and make you wonder how it was achieved. I love it. That hand is gorgeous, as is the rest of the picture. <3 : )

Sutta @ 2007-07-14 22:55:31     

GeminiRyoko @ 2007-07-16 17:47:51     
I love the color scheme and the way you colored. Its so yummy ^^.

Mana @ 2007-07-28 17:33:11     
Here, I'll have to agree with what Andariel about her point with underwater lighting. Unfortunately, I had no idea this was actually supposed to look like she's underwater untill I read that argument. In which case, I would suggest looking at refrences of subjects underwater the next time you try to pull this off.
But only if you were going for the real effect. This as it is, with the painterly effect, comes off as a more interpretive, surreal peice. So I don't think realistic effect would inhance this--just change the feel to a more realistic one.
Blaming these things on 'style' isn't something I like to do often XD but I do think that in this particular case, the image does come off more original and open to the veiwers own interpetation without the realistic lighting effects.
So it really depends on what kind of feel you were going for. If you wanted it to be surreal and interpretive, you did a very good job in acheiving that feel. This does seem almost like a strange dream-like image with that beautiful painterly style you have going.
But if you had originally planned to go for something more realistic, then taking the advice offered previously and applying it in the future

regardless of what you were going for, this is a lovely image, and your choice of colors are gorgeous--though your contrast between lighting and shading is a little weak :9
Beautiful work! Such a pleasure to look at :]

Also, Andariel--while I do appreciate that you are a skilled on this website that likes to give out nice, solid constructive critism, there's no reason why you shouldn't beable to tell them what you also like about the image and why. Constructive comments can be as useful as constructive crit a lot of the time. And constructive commentary does not mean "OMFG KAWAII". I would have expected an artist as skilled as yourself to recognize that D:

(Edited on July 28, 2007, 5:50 pm)

kitzunekorn @ 2007-07-29 11:04:34     
Thirty Minutes? WOW........ That fish doesn't look too happy>.>

Marathiel @ 2007-08-02 07:17:53     
I think that's some beautifully stylistic water and people are forgetting not everything is meant to be realistic.
That said - one of the better pictures I've spotted on OC lately, kudos. ^-^ Hope that ruccus won't discourage you.

Africa @ 2007-08-03 01:43:18     
Regardless of previous C+C, I believe this picture is gorgeous, hands down. Great style, colour, shading, pose, everything.

wolverine @ 2007-08-05 08:34:10     
I think this looks beautifully like deep underwater in the nighttime or late evening. It makes me want to know who she is. I can see a story here.

Gorgeous effect, well done.

silent_rose @ 2007-09-12 21:30:32     
beautiful job on the shading and such.
mmmm fish...

CentraDragon @ 2007-09-24 10:23:07     
Despite what a few people are saying on the background, I think the painting is all-around gorgeous. Not every painting of underwater has to be realistic to be pretty.

You picked your colors wisely, and it really helps the fish to stand out.

umbreot @ 2007-10-03 16:56:25     
She would looks so nice in real life if it weren't for the ear. What is she doing to the fish, is she about to eat it? o.O

roboticORANGE @ 2007-11-13 21:07:51     
Beautiful style. And people, this is a painting, not a photo. If the lighting doesn't indicate an entirely underwater atmosphere, oh well. The colors and composition work together effectively and that's all that really matters.

pandorah @ 2007-12-08 01:59:22     
wow..great work..that ear is awesome but looks more like a bat than a kitty

omega9 @ 2008-01-09 19:24:56     
This looks great! The whole concept of this picture is beyond me. I love it :D

Crossiel @ 2008-01-19 22:54:35     
Lineless art. It has deeper meaning rather than just a pretty piece of art.
Nice choice of colors (I suck at choosing colors :P)
I really love the fish. It was well-drawn/painted and the ears of the girl

spikeyou @ 2008-01-25 14:41:48     
I really wonder why this picture is getting so much negative feedback. It's really well done. ^^

Desirai @ 2008-02-13 22:59:46     
This pic made me giggle.. I love the look on the fish's face, hahaha. Kind of like an "ocrap" except.. it's a blank stare. Also love her nose.

sasuke-momo @ 2008-03-30 16:03:30     
Her face is stunning.

I completely adore your colouring and palette, to.

malpanka @ 2008-05-18 10:25:25     
This is THE BEST thing i have seen on scratching post so far.

Lallijandra @ 2008-07-07 00:00:15     
The tones are amazing.

Terra @ 2009-06-07 08:20:03     
I just.. simply adore it : o

AngelicKitty89 @ 2009-11-24 01:55:09     
Beautiful piece. I can't believe you only used 30 minutes on this one. You got amazing skills. :)

AprilsRose @ 2010-05-21 19:54:03     
Gorgeous :) The skin colours and hair shading and the fluff inside the ear are amazing. & the fish's face is beautiful. Her expression isn't watchful enough for her to be looking at something away from the fish though, it seems as though her attention would be mainly focused on that. However, I absolutely love it.

taiyles @ 2010-08-04 16:37:17     
I love your style. The lose painterly colors and the lovely playfulness of the pose <3

dreamwithme @ 2010-11-14 11:36:39     
I like her face a lot.
This is gorgeous!

mruki @ 2013-06-24 12:57:07     
t-those ears, they seem almost like you can touch them... this painting makes me think of oil paints, very impressive!

[ 134 ] Artist: K.N. | [ homepage ] | Title: On the edge | Time: 661 min


K.N. @ 2007-06-08 15:24:54
Okay, done!
I think this is maybe the best I've done here in SP ^^

For Jason, I hope you like~

(Edited on June 8, 2007, 6:03 pm)

weisen1 @ 2007-06-08 22:20:39     
You're on a roll XD
The eyes, I love them, such a sharp green
And her skin just looks very touchable, not to mention those kissable lips '3'

YellowSubmarine @ 2007-06-09 01:32:41     
love the nose and the perspective in this.

Tobi @ 2007-06-09 07:38:06     
Great job with nice texture.
She is really beautiful.
And I love the expression of the birds...

pipi @ 2007-06-09 12:34:56     
Wow, you've been so active lately and still keep up the standard!!! ^_^

The scenery(very detailed as always!) is pretty and I really like her face. Looks like she enjoys the view very much. ^_^b

(I'm so jealous that you have so much time to draw!!! >_<)

moonbelly @ 2007-06-24 02:20:38     
I love the skirt <3

GeminiRyoko @ 2007-07-16 14:45:48     
I love her pose. Her hair is really nicely done. I also really like the background. Nice job!

umbreot @ 2007-10-03 16:57:41     
Felines seem to be popular here...

Cydewinder @ 2007-11-20 20:40:20     
Very spectacular Bg!

puzzlechubi @ 2009-03-08 17:05:14     
Awsome details o.o

[ 127 ] Artist: K.N. | [ homepage ] | Title: Dream | Time: 746 min


K.N. @ 2007-06-02 12:44:11
Hi, it's me again, trying a 3* room ^__^;

K.N. @ 2007-06-02 20:13:49     
Phew, done for now!
I may add some detail later if I feel like it ^^

Now good night z__z (3 AM)

weisen1 @ 2007-06-02 21:58:17     
This looks real nice
Textures ahoy, dunno how you do them
The metal rail looks especially smooth.. I'd love to stand on it

Zoxxa @ 2007-06-03 15:45:46     
Yay! another K.N. picture :) The textures on this are stunning. Her head seems a tad large for her body, though.

lavalizard @ 2007-06-03 20:42:53     
So pretty. I love those little pine trees in the background. You can almost feel the happy spring breeze:-)

loontje @ 2007-06-05 14:24:21     
Welcome back. You did an awesome job on all the textures in this picture ;)

pipi @ 2007-06-07 11:32:51     
Everything in the picture is so detailed and intense!!! I love those little flowers and leaves!!! And you even added shadow for the rail (it's my favorite part! I always forget to add shadow on other objects) Great job! ^_^b

(I agree with the head part though... ^_^;;;)

Tobi @ 2007-06-09 07:36:32     
Little kitty girl...
She is so cute and intelligent-looking.

Acegirl @ 2008-12-02 19:48:25     
Very nice. I like how you made the shadow of the gate visible through the grass.

Skeeter @ 2010-07-15 23:40:55     
LOL its a bird exhibit

[ 93 ] Artist: Tobi | Title: Hina | Time: 565 min


Tobi @ 2007-02-27 01:36:54
Tsurushibina, or hanging decoration for Hina-Matsuri, or Doll Festival (on March 3) is becoming popular in Japan... as much as tradional Hina Dolls.
Both are pretty, I think.

(Edited on February 28, 2007, 10:26 pm)

pipi @ 2007-03-01 06:21:34     
Ahhhhh!!! So colorful and sweet! She has such lovely expression!
Great work on the hanging decorations! They are so detailed and cute!!! (^_^)b

I like these little dolls more than the traditional dolls, they are tiny and much cuter!!! (Must google to see where I can get these cute little dolls now!)

Edit: Wheeee! 1st comment! XD

(Edited on March 1, 2007, 6:23 am)

Anka @ 2007-03-01 11:32:43     
Waah!! Its too cute! Very good idea... so much details on this ... toys? xP

tiamat4eva @ 2007-03-01 16:55:09     
waaa! im addicted to cute things like these!

Extraordinary @ 2007-03-01 23:58:14     
ahh! soo cute!

ATHF @ 2007-03-02 00:31:13     
i love this, the little dolls are perfect, and she looks so at peace with them :P the soft shading is great also

(Edited on March 2, 2007, 12:31 am)

GeminiRyoko @ 2007-03-02 18:51:29     
All of it is so adorable! You did such a nice job :-)

.sketchbook @ 2007-03-17 03:52:20     
I love colors on this. It's so cute. Very nice artwork.

AGCOOK @ 2007-03-21 23:24:57     
OH this is so lovely! I am so impressed your very talented!! ^_^

Pulp Person @ 2007-03-24 18:03:32     
That's gorgeous. All the colours and things going on look so good, as do her eyes and the colouring on the skin especially. Great job :)

Imaginationac @ 2007-04-08 01:04:00     
Blue hair, alright! Very nice detail (the signature in the lower left looks like it took a while). Um, it's interesting that you decided not to use a setting as the background, considering how many items there are in the picture. Anyway, I think it's obvious that I like it.

MichikoRini @ 2007-05-20 02:58:10     
Kawaii!!! Is also very very detailed, wonderful job you did.

yuestar @ 2007-06-03 19:04:37     
This is so adorable. it's going on my list of cute things. Yes i have a list i'm sad. not really i don't have a list but i am really attached to cute things and this is one of them so good job.

Jenniemonkey @ 2007-08-21 16:53:36     
THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! so detailed i want to eat it!!! One day i will draw here...

Remelius @ 2008-01-04 00:09:18     
This is just too cute X3. I love the color, quite refreshing and colorful :D. The dolls are my favorite part.

omega9 @ 2008-01-09 19:25:32     
This is beyond adorable! T n T

spikeyou @ 2008-01-25 14:43:13     
Cuuute. I like how shiny the eyes are. *stares* There's so much detail in everything. ^^

littlekleine @ 2008-06-20 09:05:16     
Your style is distinct from others and I can always tell its yours before finding your name on the work.

The expression is adorable and the hanging dolls and birds with the mixture of colours brings this picture to life. The colours create a vibrancy that just draws you to the picture.

kuraigatsu @ 2008-06-26 12:57:48     
so cute!=3

Terra @ 2009-06-07 08:20:40     
so sweet : DD ~

14iv19 @ 2009-10-04 21:21:32     
Aw! So adorable!!

[ 81 ] Artist: Sedyn | Title: first snow | Time: 1206 min

Shi Painter

Sedyn @ 2006-12-27 21:56:19
finally done ^_^

(Edited on December 31, 2006, 1:09 am)

weisen1 @ 2006-12-31 13:33:33     
wow.. that's pretty
she's... it's.. @___@
i looove her hand and face
and the mood here is so.. serene
and snow makes it even better.. especially with such smooth shading

ChocolateBunni @ 2007-01-01 19:21:13     
Wow...her sweater is so pretty and loks real! I love the linelessness :)

GeminiRyoko @ 2007-01-02 00:27:56     
Aww You did such a wonderful job, its sooo soft.

Cyann @ 2007-01-05 23:41:19     
I really like your choice of colors.

Arkartworks @ 2007-01-06 14:26:45     
This is very pretty. My friend has mittens exactly like those - well, not exactly, they're black. They're from Emily Strange. Anyway, this is a very nice picture, the colors are so warm and pretty. I love how there's a lot of detail (even in the bench, I notice).

ATHF @ 2007-01-13 16:09:35     
love it! everything looks so smooth

Jessica @ 2007-01-16 13:35:02     
Great picture! I really like the originality of it! The colours work well with one another. Good job and keep up the awesome work!!!

Tobi @ 2007-01-21 02:31:00     
I wish I could skate with her.
Nice oekaki. I love her mittens.

TurtleQueen @ 2007-01-24 20:23:48     
wow, I love the colors you chose; they really give this expansive feeling to the picture...lovely! Her soft expression and the shading is very nicely done, and omg, her pedicured fingernails *o* <3 pretty~

XxAzntriadsxX @ 2007-01-31 21:21:54     
lol what uup with the cat style?

airbenderizzy @ 2007-02-01 15:25:27     
wow colores are amazing, and i love her face.

Dragontama @ 2007-02-27 02:50:46     
I love the scarf and the sweater. I think you've shown the way the sweater is creased at the side, because the woman has leaned that way, very nice!

Extraordinary @ 2007-03-01 23:59:55     
The atmosphere of this picture is stunning.The colours, mittens, and hair all go really good together. great job!

arwin @ 2007-06-05 16:45:58     
nice thoughtful pose

[ 80 ] Artist: KatAngel | Title: Painted Catgirl | Time: 2006 min

Shi Painter

KatAngel @ 2006-12-22 01:21:19
Finally done... x___x! This took way too long. ^o^ Kept it open overnight... I also had much problems getting it to send...

Anyway, It's been a looong time since I have drawn here. Been so busy with university. ^^ I hope the standards still meet 3 star... I am trying to get back into the practice of drawing. Let me know if any changes need to be made.

For the picture itself, I went for a painterly look. I really wanted to practice "painting" the human body, so I tried to do so here... For sure the most tedious part were the hands, lol. Anyway, I'll post a high res version of this on my DeviantArt... and link it a bit later. ^_^ Thanks!

weisen1 @ 2006-12-22 12:23:14     
i like the painterly look
the skintones look quite convincing
and the mood and tone is real nice :3

tiamat4eva @ 2006-12-22 15:50:38     
what really seems to bother me is her neck and collar bone. the clavicles are pushed down, which would have forced her shoulders/arm bone up, and this makes her small neck look distached and extremely small. The painterly effect and sensitive colors really suit this. i especially love the flower, its so detailed like a photograph. The curl of the tail also really draws design into the image and connects everything. Very pretty. (i love her hands)

setsakui @ 2006-12-24 06:40:06     
This looks really good,
you're really an inspiration, thank you!!!

catgirlwaitress @ 2006-12-26 17:36:29     
I can't even draw the human body good! Hands are hard for me, but I think it you did awsome on the hands. The flowers are pretty!

KatAngel @ 2006-12-28 23:10:29     
Thanks for the comments and critiques, guys!

And I am glad to be an inspiration... ;)

I have a higher res version on deviantART: [ link removed ]
Normally I wouldnt post this, but I spent some time pasting together screencaps I took in ShiPainter soo... might as well have others see it!

I'm afraid you're not allowed to links to other versions of the images posted in the rooms. I understand your reason, but this is not the right place for those things. You're free to post those links in your profile, or open a thread in the messageboard to discuss the images. :)


ChocolateBunni @ 2006-12-30 10:38:49     
Your shading is lovely O_O Her hands are really pretty too and I love the flower background.

GeminiRyoko @ 2007-01-02 00:29:03     
Looks like artwork from final fantasy (crystal chronicles) and thats a good thing. Its so warm and soft looking. I love the detail.

AznTranquility @ 2007-01-07 14:50:52     
Hands may be a bit too small but I love your style of color!

The flower matches the background color and is adoraable. I can never draw flowers that well ^^

YamiAiRYu @ 2007-01-16 19:26:28     
cute i like it

Tobi @ 2007-01-21 02:27:46     
Nice shadings.
She is beautiful with the flowers...

hattey @ 2007-01-28 22:46:03     
Beautiful colors and great lines. Love the flowers too.

XxAzntriadsxX @ 2007-01-31 21:27:43     
HEHE funny lloking picture... DONT COVER THE BOOBS!

PeekaJinx @ 2007-02-02 03:28:20     
I really lvoe your style! the detail in the hands and flower are great! I also love the shading!

Extraordinary @ 2007-03-16 23:59:17     
This is simply gorgeous <3

Cilkaa @ 2007-04-10 08:02:21     
I love her. The whole picture looks rather innocent despite her pose and what shes wearing =P (or not wearing). Her face is so adorable, and I love the arms. The arms and the hands have a wonderful shape. I really love her hips too. And her shoulders. Okay, I should stop now.

silently @ 2007-04-30 13:17:51     
The colors are applied wonderfully- they're beautiful

Sakura_02 @ 2007-05-19 08:50:09     
Wow that's awesome s painte sils! looks absutely amazing! i meanthe shadin is lovely an the anatomy is great! keep it up

Homeworld @ 2007-06-11 12:56:14     
Really like the style! Kinda reminds me of those final fantasy works, too!

umbreot @ 2007-10-03 16:59:30     
The hands are a bit tiny and the tail seems odd, but man, every thing is goregous. Now this girl really reminds me of one of my best friends.

greendragon @ 2008-01-02 23:25:57     
This is beautiful.

Desirai @ 2008-02-13 23:01:04     
That is so cute! I love the coloring on her tummy, hehe. Like the flowers in the BG~ Only crit is that her tail shoulda been more fluffy I think.

sasuke-momo @ 2008-03-30 16:04:09     
Nice lines.
This is very well done, I love it. <3

d0llY @ 2008-04-28 00:43:36     
I think her nipples are a bit too far up, since her hands are a bit too far up her breasts to cover them up. I love the background colors, and her lips and eyes.

Terra @ 2009-06-07 08:22:30     
Wooh I love the colours, very neutral but still very beautiful! The eyes are so deep : D Really nice work!

[ 58 ] Artist: pipi | [ homepage ] | Title: Happy Halloween | Time: 491 min


pipi @ 2006-10-30 13:34:24
Leopard witch and her army of evil... (^_^);;;

Edit: There's some anatomical errors in the picture(as my husband'd already pointed out) but I'm too lazy/tired to correct them... Hope it's still ok for the 3* room...

(Edited on October 30, 2006, 1:43 pm)

tiamat4eva @ 2006-10-30 22:00:11     
happy halloween pip~
This looks much betetr in full size >w<
homgs is that a fro! XD and the glitter is too nifty. makes me thinks of whippcreams and i wants to gobble it up! lol.

tish @ 2006-10-31 01:58:12     
The evil cittens are so cute ;))

Quixotic @ 2006-10-31 04:47:42     
Yay! Work from pipi!

Quality-wise, what I've always loved from you is that your lineart is so nice and detailed that it doesn't leave much to do with coloring, and this time the lineart is a bit rough.

The hands are also a bit off, but I'm sure you've already noticed/know.

pipi @ 2006-10-31 09:58:39     
tiamat4eva, tish and Quixotic,

Thank you so much for the comments! (^3^)

About the lineart... I usually zoomed 2x to draw, maybe it was the size of the picture, when I tried to zoom more than 1x my pc just froze... so I have to draw it with 1x zoom... (^_^);;;

I normally won't send a picture with so many mistakes, but I really really like the cats and pumpkins... (>_<)

eri-yisu @ 2006-10-31 19:39:11     
I love the frizzy puff of hair on her, it makes her look different than most catgirls! I also love the soft coloring, as usual ^^
Nosy: Pipi is married? I never knew :D.

uriel @ 2006-11-01 14:06:46     
thank you pipi :D She is great and happy Oct 31 to you too :D

send me an email when you can :D

sbslink @ 2006-11-01 18:31:35     
Really nice.. I love the kitties <3

2222nova @ 2006-11-09 19:52:59     
very cute kittens luv the outfit

Africa @ 2006-12-08 22:27:37     
Love you work Pipi, and the cats are beyond cute here, even though they are evil, hehe,

mstudios @ 2006-12-15 17:02:53     
very cool, loooove the afro!!

catgirlwaitress @ 2006-12-26 17:37:10     
The shading is cool. The little devil kittys are so cute!

raindown300 @ 2007-01-18 20:45:36     
thats really cool, i love her outfit
p.s: could you help me im drawing a pic on oekaki bbs and it won't save '~'im very confused

asia manga @ 2007-01-20 12:09:32     
ohhhh, i wish i looked that GOOD!!!!!

Tobi @ 2007-01-21 02:25:30     
Cute bad kittens!
Great oekaki for Halloween!

At first I thought this is done by Shi painter with such effects...
And I can't see any mistakes in this picture--^^;

MPD @ 2007-02-19 17:00:46     
Awww so cute!!! Such pretty soft lines and colors! >.<!! So detailed pic too!!

arwin @ 2007-06-05 16:54:13     
I love her army of cute... ehr... evil???

xandurh @ 2007-06-19 07:34:11     
I really love this! Her outfit, hair, spots and expression are brilliant! The broom made me stare at it and marvel for a moment. And the evil kitties are adorable! :D I'm a big Halloween fan, so the jack o lanterns drew me right in. Beautiful piece!

Mandabear @ 2011-09-21 14:26:18     
Adorable, evil kitties!! Great piece :3

[ 44 ] Artist: pipi | [ homepage ] | Title: Tulips | Time: 398 min


(Archived by uriel)
pipi @ 2006-09-12 07:43:44
It has been a while since last time i posted here in the SP...
Sorry for the boring bg... Hope it's still 3* enough ^_^;;;

(Edited on September 12, 2006, 7:58 am)

Edit: Thank you for the nice comments everyone! (^3^)b

(Edited on September 17, 2006, 1:30 pm)

Seechi @ 2006-09-12 08:23:24     
this is so soft and smooth! its absolutely gorgeous. glad to see you're posting again ^^

weisen1 @ 2006-09-12 13:41:02     
wow.. i'm in love witht he borders
they looks so smooth and natural
and your soft style of shading is just so lovely
everything looks realistic without being too stark

starmist @ 2006-09-12 14:51:22     
Omg it's a pipi picture! =D I missed your gorgeous soft pictures - the tulips are wonderful... and I want her ears! =P

GeminiRyoko @ 2006-09-12 20:11:20     
PIPI!!!! This is beautiful, I love your art soooo much!

TurtleQueen @ 2006-09-14 01:16:43     
Ahhh your art is always so soft and serene...I love the colors. And gah, the tulips and the girl are gorgeous! Great stuff. <3

Tobi @ 2006-09-14 07:21:29     
It's great to see your catgirl again...

Oh, I can't take my eyes off her...
So lovely <3

gryphongirl @ 2006-09-14 13:28:43     
nice lace, but i really like the tulips and the ears...i just love cat people

shogouki @ 2006-09-14 15:24:42     
the whole picture is gorgeous, but i especially love the lace in the background. <3

it must've taken a long time to make~

Katie @ 2006-09-14 22:03:21     
*squeal of delight* I wish I could make my pictures look as soft and loverly as youuuu caaaannn. You are so good at drawing flowers too, I really admire that. And also, this is probably the most adorable neko-chan to date. *squeals again to finish off comment*

v4n1ll4gur1 @ 2006-09-16 16:21:39     
shes so pretti!!!

happyhappy @ 2006-09-17 14:57:35     
i love the colors. nice.

Bastet_eyez @ 2006-09-17 20:28:58     
It's so pretty. I love ur gentle style and the tulips are beautiful. The only thing that I would say, and a lot of people make this mistake- is to make the wrist too bendy. Remember that our wrist can only bend to about 90 degrees either way, so just remember that. Other than that, it's beautiful. I love her eyes and her ears are cool. ~.o

OchaGirl @ 2006-09-17 23:37:53     
Gosh, your talent really show through the details. Tulips? Lovely. Shading? Soft and gorgeous!

anikakinka @ 2006-09-18 12:40:03     
so neat *__* i love the flowers ^__^

LetTheRainFallDown @ 2006-09-26 16:50:08     
that is gorgeous! i adore the hair and the roses

Hikari Tenshi @ 2006-09-28 11:49:18     
she looks so beautifull I love the soft colors and coloring <3
she also looks like she just jumped out a fairy tale (or a nice fantasy story) =D
~Hikari T.
...meow =3

sweetbeginning @ 2006-09-29 16:56:46     
So delicate and graceful.Your technique is 100%. Love the wispy hair...

Riceesquared @ 2006-10-01 13:35:28     
She's so pretty. The tulips are colored so pastel-y, they came out perfectly. I didn't notice this until I full-viewed it but -- there is a massive doily patter in the background. Crazy cool.

LGFUAD @ 2006-10-02 20:36:40     
oh my goddess...
shes gorgeous.

Zeldrak @ 2006-10-08 07:34:41     
it's gorgeous. i love it ^^

SimpleTwistOfFate @ 2006-10-13 06:39:19     
Very cute <3

Ebony @ 2006-10-21 22:03:06     
oh, i didnt know you were drawing here again! wow i was gone for a long time!!

this is beautiful as always!

hpotter7 @ 2006-10-28 09:23:15     
She's beautiful.

Rizzelfrith @ 2006-10-28 17:34:31     
Lovely ears. ~_^

2222nova @ 2006-10-29 17:16:03     
cute pic

Tairourou @ 2006-11-16 17:14:19     
She has such a beautiful face.

Yashendwirh @ 2006-12-04 22:40:21     
Oh wow, the shading is beautiful, and the tulips are stunning as well. They look great against her skin-tone.

Adam Warlock @ 2006-12-08 14:35:12     
The smoothness created by a very nice combination of hues gives this work an impressive light that seems to find it's origins in perceived personality of the character with resonance in the flowers. Congratulations.

Africa @ 2006-12-08 22:33:06     
How do you do it?? Come up with such great character design, colours, shading, composition, ideas, everything! Beautiful work.

victimwithnogun @ 2006-12-22 22:59:45     
this is so beautiful and so's like soft like whipcream melts in your mouth...hehe great job^

asia manga @ 2007-01-20 12:11:05     

airbenderizzy @ 2007-02-01 15:26:34     
wow this is so pretty and perfect! I love it so much! Especially the eyes.

Yueying @ 2007-02-15 18:46:54     
I'm liking this picture the colors are so softx3 her hair kinda dulls compared to the eyes though

Glaceau @ 2007-03-01 21:58:57     
Wow this is amazing. The colors are so soft, but not too soft. The shading is so natural looking. I love the way you blended the colors of the flowers. The only thing I would change about this is the hair color. I think that she should have a darker, more richer color. It doesnt stand out at all, but other than that it's a great picture. keep up the good work.

WolfHound @ 2007-04-12 11:06:49     
Such beauty and sweetness! I love this.

Venikins @ 2007-05-16 19:14:28     
She is simply adorable! She looks to be the very image of peace and innocents. Your style compliments this piece completely.

Jenny-tan @ 2007-05-21 23:43:30     
the colors are so soft and gorgeous, I especially love her skin tone and the color of the tulips.

avarice @ 2007-07-01 18:09:20     
@.@ woooww...

Lawdey @ 2007-07-17 01:51:38     
Love it!!!

snufkin @ 2007-07-25 10:21:03     
I love how this is so soft and sensetive, such definite line and beautiful blending - awesome!

neko-setsuka @ 2007-08-08 16:51:14     
This is beautiful. The soft tones used on the tulips are perfect and she's gorgeous. You also did a great job on the background as well. ^-^

Ebony @ 2007-11-15 18:24:03     
your art is just as beautiful as i remember!
im so glad you are still here at oekaki central pipi! :D
i adore the subtle details in the flower stem and leaves and the perfect way the ends of the flower blends so lovely <3

Mitsuki-chan @ 2008-01-02 23:48:06     
Wow. This is really good! ^_^ The girl reminds me of one of my custom characters in a fan fic I'm writing. xD

Badakun @ 2008-03-04 14:07:59     
sooo cute ^^ love it, keep up the good work ^___^

kuraigatsu @ 2008-06-26 12:58:44     
this is soo beautiful!

Peki ♥ @ 2008-08-22 14:14:46     
Her face is very cute and the shading gives such a soft color. Beautiful picture ~ (*w*) ♥

14iv19 @ 2009-10-04 21:22:28     
So nice~ So sweet

toastyjam @ 2010-11-07 10:36:40     
so soft looking. love the tulips.

[ 29 ] Artist: Pannycake | Title: kitty | Time: 610 min

Shi Painter

Pannycake @ 2006-09-02 21:38:34
so i guess this is mucha inspired and uh.. hi :O

(Edited on September 16, 2006, 5:37 pm)

Towa @ 2006-09-04 01:46:23     
Awesome! I LOVE Mucha!!! But I remember that Mucha drew all his lady's chunky. Hehe, but this catgirl is still realy nice! I love how the body looks painted.

MadHatter @ 2006-09-04 07:27:53     
The character is lovely, but I fear the background needs lot more work to meet the 3stars requirements - it looks sloppy and unfinished that way.

Look at the backgrounds of the images shown in these pages (a Mucha's site), to get a quick reference of what I mean.

Can you please fix the image?

(Edited on September 4, 2006, 7:29 am)

soyaMILKu @ 2006-09-10 16:43:58     
ahh! *O* this is so wonderful, i did a school project on mucha's art, so i can fully appreciate this.
i adore the palette of colours you used, especially the skin tones. The background looks amazing, i love the it fades at certain areas.
You anatomy is impressive too, the foreshortening is great, i'm totally digging the knee! *A* <3

GeminiRyoko @ 2006-10-09 15:01:47     
I really like your style, and the way you handled her skin.

XxAzntriadsxX @ 2007-01-31 21:28:39     

frugale @ 2008-03-08 16:29:08     
You know Nemo in Slumberland? It has a similar visual feel. Good job :)

Lament @ 2011-09-11 18:57:21     
This is one of the most fantastic things I've seen in a long time O: <3 the style

Troy @ 2013-08-17 22:15:16     
Love the style of this! :D

[ 25 ] Artist: jiamiao | Title: Kitty | Time: 1616 min

Shi Painter

jiamiao @ 2006-08-21 00:35:42
spent 2 nights on this. about 9 hrs.

jiamiao @ 2006-08-21 00:41:07     
thank you for all your kind comments^-^ and yes, I did use a refrence photo.

(Edited on August 21, 2006, 1:13 pm)

(Edited on August 22, 2006, 6:24 pm)

LordHannu @ 2006-08-21 09:57:31     
Ooh! shes hot =P intressting style you have. and i like it alot! keep this nice work up!

LaurieSuncat @ 2006-08-21 10:23:13     
I love the use of color in this. You've really caught the atmosphere of her being out in the bright sunshine.

B_A_D @ 2006-08-21 12:30:29     
wow! this is sooo pretty! did you use a ref for the lighting on her body?

weisen1 @ 2006-08-21 13:39:01     
she's very cute
the way you drew this..
not entirely realistic, but not entirely stylized either
and the way you coloured it.. almost looks like pencil crayon @__@

hpotter7 @ 2006-08-21 15:36:00     
Cool hair. I like the fur and the eyes.

tiamat4eva @ 2006-08-21 16:18:18     
ahh my god that is totally gorgeous!

Nikki0417 @ 2006-08-21 16:28:01     
I love the lighting & skin tones. great work on her face, too. ^^

Africa @ 2006-08-21 18:21:55     
Wow...beautifully coloured...great sense of realism and lighting.

turtlequeen @ 2006-08-22 00:05:04     
Love the skin warm and nice. <3 Lovely detail; great strokes, too. Nice style!

liveevil @ 2006-08-22 05:08:50     
THat's so awesome! And sexy! I am envious of your mad paint skills.

Killaya @ 2006-08-22 10:04:29     
Addorable. :D The lighting is perfect, and I love the atmosphere of this picture. It's so warm and happy. :O Her eyes are beautiful too. And that hand is very well done. =]

Iveets @ 2006-08-25 12:06:40     
This is so gorgeous, i love the color sheme, it makes me thinking of vacation and the shading is awesome. you did a great job ;D

Ebony @ 2006-08-26 20:19:47     
shes beautiful! i love the realism mixed with the anime face. cute!! great pantier feel too

eliasvegeta @ 2006-08-28 19:20:23     
man have u got some skills thats really good...almost has a conte crayon look to it

Pulp Person @ 2006-08-29 16:50:37     
I really love the light in the colours, very effective. It almost looks painted as well. Well done :)

Katie @ 2006-09-04 16:05:43     
*applause* extremely good. Well done.

Zacck @ 2006-09-05 23:20:47     
83 Lovely job. *claps*

pipi @ 2006-09-12 01:04:19     
Such vibrant colors and beautiful contrasts! She has nice lips~ ^_^

MariksBeloved @ 2006-09-16 09:46:40     
Wow that's amazing! I don't know how you did the hand so accurately, I couldn't if I tried T_T

Riceesquared @ 2006-10-01 13:37:11     
Wow: that is all I can utter right now. I have been rendered inarticulate for the moment. I always like it when people keep the strokes of paintings natural looking. I like the colors you used, and the catgirl's face is pretty too.

2222nova @ 2006-10-29 17:16:32     
nice use of shade

Sheep_rule_45 @ 2006-11-04 18:03:20     
So awesome! I love the texture, shading, and colors.

Minkychanz @ 2006-11-09 05:47:08     
She looks so sexy...yet not trying to be seductive.

Gorgeous. x_x I love her hand.

Lydia Alice Wyverne @ 2007-02-18 20:52:46     
Wow, that messes with my head! It looks like an oil painting! That's so amazing~ Good job~ ^_^

arwin @ 2007-06-05 16:52:25     
that's just wow. It's all in the details and the great finish. time well spent I think

umbreot @ 2007-10-03 17:01:02     
Hmm.. I want to go to the beach.

[ 18 ] Artist: rdsullivan | Title: Grass Cat | Time: 488 min


rdsullivan @ 2006-08-06 02:05:03
Finished... I think.
This is the first time I've ever submitted to a 3-star room. I hope it's up to par! If it isn't, tell me what to change and I'll try to change it. :)

And I envy very much all you people who can use successfully use ShiPainter here without the program flipping out on you. I love ShiPainter and always use it anywhere else... but here. Oh well, PaintBBS definitely gave me good practice with solids. o_o;

(Edited on August 6, 2006, 2:27 am)

lavalizard @ 2006-08-06 04:09:49     
Awesome D:!
That fur is the coolest, and the grass is very pretty. Excellent hands too.

Africa @ 2006-08-06 06:30:50     
Wow, certainly not your typical catgirl, I love this!! The grass idea is brilliant and the sky and clouds are wodnerfully drawn. Great hands too. XD

Stinky @ 2006-08-06 07:39:06     
This picture is fantabulous. I wish I could favourite pictures I liked because this is amazing.

weisen1 @ 2006-08-06 11:02:10     
wow.. the grass is amazing
and the textures on her skin @__@
i can't really see how you can fix this... hope it stays, have my fingers crossed :3

GeminiRyoko @ 2006-08-06 11:04:32     
Oh I love this soooo much. I love how you did the grass, it all looks amazing *_*

DemonicCrescendo @ 2006-08-06 11:54:03     
Can I just say how craqzy cool this is?

Her fur is amazing, so is the grass. You rule at solids. I love her eyes, they look jewel-like. And her nose is adorable, too. Lovely mix of human+cat. (WHISKERS!!)

Morggey @ 2006-08-06 16:55:37     
Oooh, wow, gorgeous use of fur texture and solids. And the grass is amazing. I love the little orange/brown patches... they really give it a realistic feel. The clouds... just make me drool. They're so original! I do have a couple of suggestions, not like I'm any authority or anything... Perhaps adding more fur texture, since the places without it seem a bit flat. Also, I think the innermost curve of fur on her back makes her back seem a bit too curvy and thin. One more thing (personal preference): Perhaps a darker color on the inside of the ears, to make it seem like they're more concave? Other than those things, this is amazing and well beyond what I could ever do. I admire you. ^_^

Katie @ 2006-08-06 18:35:09     
I never thought grass could be sexified. I was wrong!

rdsullivan @ 2006-08-07 01:17:32     
thank you so much everyone! <3

Morggey >> Thanks so much for pointing those things out! I'm currently going in to fix that stuff now. :D

Dan-Sama @ 2006-08-07 07:41:17     
..I really like this actually. the shading's good, nice use of browns in the background.. the like the clouds... yeah. I reall like this pic, great work!

Killaya @ 2006-08-07 20:28:01     
How unique! xD I love those eyes, and the texture is absolutely great. I love the little stylized clouds :3

Jaya @ 2006-08-07 22:46:55     
I'm in love with this piece :) I think the fur looks great, and the eyes have this little feeling in them :)
The lips look so cute, and her nose is cute. I also really like the job you did for the position. GREAT job!

Morggey @ 2006-08-08 00:17:34     
Omigosh, wow! You're totally welcome, but this is like, beyond anything I could've imagined. Gorgeous! Kudos!

Generation Hexed @ 2006-08-08 10:37:36     
that's very cute--also reminds me of the grass-wolf thingies in Lady in the Water :)

GalaKitty @ 2006-08-10 22:33:31     
Wow, interesting concept :). I really like how you did the clouds

Sjusjun @ 2006-08-12 07:47:33     
The fur and gras is amazing! She looks like an cat on an alien planet, full of bright colored catgirls ^^

Infectious @ 2006-08-13 13:39:11     
i love it, gorgeous!

green is my favorite color. but for some reason it instantly reminded me of the grinch.
bahahabhnaba anyways superb drawing.

Beta @ 2006-08-13 17:32:08     
Part plant... part cat... part girl... all outstanding.

pheonia @ 2006-08-14 16:07:54     
I love the green color and textures ^^

Lawdey @ 2006-08-14 16:31:16     

miko_hanyou @ 2006-08-15 19:30:39     
holy moley! its a cameleon ish cat! able to blend into her surroundings wherever she goes...xD

I seriously adore every inch of this. the fur is so gorgeous that I feel like petting it. The clouds are great too. Simple get very chic. :D

uwlie @ 2006-08-16 18:07:31     
oh wow, the fur just pops up at you! :3

hpotter7 @ 2006-08-17 17:40:54     
The eyes are pretty. I like the grass also.

albino_raccoon @ 2006-08-19 21:37:01     
This is so cute! I think the green makes her seem almost spritely. Still, I am envious of your solid skills... A+, if you ask me.

bicozikan @ 2006-10-27 23:21:45     
Interesting concept and beautiful texture. I love how you've created tone and form. You've even got the veins in her ears! Simply gorgeous

foshizzlefizzle @ 2006-12-01 14:24:11     
It's the grinch's girlfriend!! Or daughter... -;-gasp-;- he has children!? Oh it's a cat lol. Saw the small picture icon and I thought it was very similar to the grinch ^-^ Good job! I like the eyes and the grass

arwin @ 2007-06-05 16:59:53     
unusual color fur. I like it because it matches so well with the grass and sky.

frugale @ 2008-03-08 16:27:52     
Amazing! Co-original and shows all the talent you got. kudos :)

foxfaces @ 2012-07-13 14:44:50     
The texture is amazing!!!

lilmew @ 2013-04-29 22:10:09     
BEAUTIFUL. I love her so much.

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